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Press Release

Twenty Four Days to Christmas – Press Release

Twenty Four Days to Christmas Front CoverTwenty Four Days to Christmas

By Fred Arthur

Illustrated by Paul Winward





Twenty Four Days to Christmas is a magical storybook advent calendar offering at once a delightful childrens adventure and a variety of fun-filled family activities,
to capture -and contain- the excitement of Christmas.

The Story.

Poppy is in agony. It’s the first day of December and she is bursting with so much excitement, and anticipation, for Christmas Day that she is sending her parents crazy. What can she do with herself for the next twenty-four long and boring days until Santa arrives? In order to cure the festive fever, her Mum and Dad sit down together and use all their imagination to plan a daily, Christmas themed, activity for Poppy in order to make each day a memorable one. Twenty Four Days to Christmas is a charming and magical book that can be enjoyed in one sitting or (as the authors themselves suggest)  be read on each day like an advent calendar offering entertainment for all the family, with tips on festive activities to keep your own little elves occupied.


Fred Arthur is the combined pen name for friends Pincher Martin and Mike Dineen. As a father with a young daughter, Pincher found himself using his imagination on a daily basis to entertain both her, and her friends, and as a result the idea for Twenty-Four Days to Christmas was born. In discussion with his friend Mike, these ideas were combined with their own childhood memories to produce a book that reflects what Christmas is about for families with young children. From making her own Christmas Cards and building a Snowman, to riding the Santa Express and visiting relatives, Poppy’s activities are designed to provide a balance of indoor and outdoor activities that can be tailored to suit all budgets and locations.


Twenty Four Days to Christmas is a wonderful story that parents, primary school teachers and extended families will enjoy sharing with children in the lead up to Christmas Day. A unique narrative and beautiful illustrations, Twenty Four Days to Christmas is a Christmas story that is perfect for families to enjoy year after year.


About The Author.

Fred Arthur is the combined pen name for friends Pincher Martin and Mike Dineen who met working in the Royal Navy. Leaving school at the age of fifteen Pincher Martin entered the Royal Navy as an Able Seaman and now holds the rank of Commander. Living with his family in Plymouth but working in Portsmouth, writing creative emails and text messages to his young daughter has become part of his daily life. Mike Dineen graduated from St Andrew’s University before joiningthe Royal Navy, and he too holds the rank of Commander. Mike lives with his wife in Pickering, North Yorkshire and works in Scotland. Both are keen sportsmen and qualified life coaches.

Their goal is to become successful authors, so that when the Royal Navy finally forces them to retire, it will enable them to fulfil their shared desire to support local schools and libraries,satisfy their passion for writing and foster a belief in the importance of reading and imagination for children of all ages.


Twenty Four Days to Christmas by Fred Arthur, illustrated by Paul Winward (published Clink Street Publishing 10/11/2016) is available to purchase from online retailers; including amazon.co.uk and to order from all good bookstores.